El Chavo Bio

Posted May 19th by curv in News

El Chavo is the new brainchild of Paul Murphy, legendary and much respected London club DJ back in the 80s. He was the man who started the whole Jazz and Latin club scene in the UK. After disappearing from the scene for a couple of years in the early 90s he later returned to London for a residency at the Blue Note, managing Afro Art Records and getting heavily into producing. His tune Jazz Rooms was summer of 2004`s smash hit and made it number 1 in Gilles Petersons charts. Numerous other productions and remixes finally led to the release of his highly acclaimed first solo album The Trip which won the prestigious John Peel Award on the Worldwide Show on BBC Radio 1.
In 2008 it was time again for a change and Paul moved to Budapest where he teamed up with Hungaro-Colombian David „Double D“ Dely, son of the legendary „Shango Rey“ Dely, top percussionist of the 1970s and 80s to found El Chavo. 6 piece combo El Chavo are the band that came to bring back the sound of East Harlem called the Boogaloo. They play a wild and rockin` mix of vintage Latin, way out 70s Funk, soulful Jazzy sounds and a large dose of modern grooves. And what other could the result be than simply fantastic! El Chavo are the band to watch out for, their first release on Vinyl Vibes Records sets a high standard for things to come!